Due to the current Sars-Cov-2 pandemic, we are addressing our activity towards promoting some new CUSTOMIZABLE ITEMS FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE: ALCOHOLIC (70%) CLEANSING GELS AND SPRAYS, 8ml and 50ml. 

Keeping hands clean has now become overarchingly essential in our lives, great if it became a simple daily habit, as a gesture of respect towards others and ourselves, to guarantee safety in public spaces, on public transports and in workplaces.



Sales promotions on our FB page every week!

Free graphic samples via email!

Labels can be totally personalized, we can design them as best preferred.

Our idea is not to convey a medical outlook, but to opt for a fresh and pleasant image (some fresh mockups on our FB Page everyday!)

As you can see, we are offering these items at a value for money price – very close to the production cost, driven by a service-dominant logic and

disapproving of the disgraceful speculation over this kind of products in the last few weeks.

We hope we'll soon come back to our core business, based on trading the best SNACKS and FINGER FOODS for DRINKS, from aperitifs to after dinners.

The Epicure's Lounge was conceived to provide some selected Premium Retail Chains such as Lounge Bars, Night Clubs, Discos, Golf Clubs, Cinemas, Hotels, and business cafeterias with the most innovative references to be enjoyed together with wines, sparkling wines, cocktails, beers, and spirits. Some of them are organic, gluten-free, vegan, 100% natural, with no preservatives nor added sugar. Some others, on the contrary, pretty filled with common chemical ingredients, but very tasty, creative, cutting-edge and with amazing customizable packagings.

Should you be interested in some of our proposals - both non-food (cleansing gels and sprays) or food (snacks) - feel free to contact us for any further info or, better, to tell us your requirements we'll be ready and happy to satisfy. 

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